It’s them,
not me,
who can give you what you need.

They come at night
with only teeth
showing in the dark.

They come for you when you close your eyes,
when we turn on the light
they’re still there
in the cracks between things.

But it’s them
in the dark
that can save you.

You see this light I hold?
My monsters gave it to me.

I can keep you
wrapped up forever
but soon your bones will be cold.

Everything is in motion,
blood is pouring through your veins,
your lungs are expanding.

You don’t know it yet,
but in me
is you,
and in you
is everybody else.

All these people parts of us,
made of the same star stuff,
the same nails, the same skin, the same light.

The whole world is waiting for you,
the whole world is your beloved.

This behemoth ache of thinking too much,
your brain that doesn’t fit
right in your head
your heart that keeps
leaking between your fingers.

You try to fall back asleep
to find some old dream you lost
together we scratch through the soft earth
until you find the moon
buried under leaves and newspaper.

It doesn’t matter much how much I love you
(I love you as much as that sky)
It matters how much you feel loved.

It feels so good to grow
to look down and see your shadow
your roots
reaching deeper.

You can never really
go backwards,
you’re in this now,
don’t try to escape the storm
don’t run through the rain
let it fill you up.

Stop trying to make yourself smaller
the world needs more of you
not less.

Big trees give shade,
big bodies hold strength,
there is space for you in this world.

Your legs and arms and fingers and hips and waist and full belly are power, are joy.

Your fear and your pain is your gift.


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